I help you heal from
anxiety, depression,
and fatigue.

Wanna regain your energy
and boost your mood?

Can you relate?

  • You’re overwhelmed.
  • You’re exhausted but you can’t fall asleep or stay asleep.
  • It’s hard to focus and concentrate. You feel unproductive.
  • You’re so fatigued you need coffee to get going in the morning.
  • Your mood has soured to being cynical or detached.
  • You’ve been to doctor after doctor with no clear diagnosis.
  • You have so many blessings in life, but you still feel down.

You deserve to feel great in your body!

You’re not crazy. You’re not imagining your symptoms. You don’t want a quick fix.

You want answers to why you feel like crap. You want a clear plan to regain your mood and energy. You don’t want to take this journey alone. You want a coach to show you the way.

Ready for a functional medicine practitioner that will partner with you? Give me your hand, we’ll do this together.


Elke Garner

Elke Garner

“I didn’t realize how many of the foods that I was eating were causing inflammation in my joints and bloating in my intestines. By elimination toxic foods from my system, I have more energy and feet better and also lost weight.”

Elke Garner

Tara Graham

“I am no longer exhausted. I am sleeping 8-9 hours and waking up feeling refreshed.”

Lori King

Lori King

“I have a lot more energy and am able to sustain a full day of activities and work without feeling overwhelmed with fatigue. The quality of my sleep has improved by 80%. Most days I feel rested upon waking – that’s huge.”

Watch These To Start Healing Your Anxiety & Depression


Let’s get to know each other and see if we’re a great fit.